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Banned Chinese Apps Alternatives | 22 Best Apps Similar to Tiktok, ShareIt and many more

Hello friends, The Government of India has banned 59 Chinese apps to ensure safe cyberspace in the country, but users have been left hasten to find these banned Chinese apps alternatives. Today I am gonna talk about some of the best Banned Chinese Apps Alternatives that you can use instead of the Chinese apps. Without any delay, let us dig in

Best Banned Chinese Apps Alternatives

The Indian government is aiming for “Made in India” products and services that could ban the usage of Chinese apps. These are few alternate apps that will provide you the same service as the major Chinese apps do.

Alternatives For TikTok

banned chinese apps alternatives tiktok

One of the most wanted banned Chinese apps alternatives is for TikTok. It is one of the colossal social media and video sharing event. There are around 120 million active users around a month in India. TikTok has provided a platform for million users to entertain, the content creators may now be looking for such platforms.

One such alternative is the Roposo app, which is an Indian video sharing social media app an Indian app, having its registered office at Gurugram, India. 

Triller is another similar app that is shaping up to be an interesting option that allows filters and collaborative options like making group videos and so on. 

Chingari is an Indian app alternative for TikTok which is gaining significant attraction over the last few days. It provides monetization options and supports repetitious Indian Languages.

Alternatives For ShareIT/ Xender

banned chinese apps alternatives shareit

Xender is an app that connects two or more smartphones to share photos, applications, and other media. Share IT is used to transfer files, documents, images easily from mobile to mobile. Files by Google is one of the alternatives for this, which allows the same features without any intrusive apps and snooping on your data.

Jio Switch is an Indian app that allows users to transfer a wide range of different files over the Internet. It also supports cross-platform, which allows the transfer of data between iOS and Android Phones.

Z Share is an open-source file sharing app. One of the best features of this app is that we can share the files without internet connectivity. It is one of the best Made-In-India apps for file sharing.

Dukto is an easy file transfer tool designed for LAN use, that is used to transfer files from one PC to another.

Alternatives For CamScanner

banned chinese apps alternatives camscanner

CamScanner is a Chinese app that is used for image scanning. But the CamScanner had so many issues even before it is banned in India. There are so many alternatives to this app.

Adobe Scan is one such app that works similarly to CamScanner. The Office Lens is a great CamScanner alternative which has been integrated with OneDrive. 

Doc Scanner is an Indian app best alternative for the CamScanner. Good opportunity for an Indian App to stand against Chinese apps as one of the great banned Chinese apps alternatives.

PhotoScan was introduced by Google this is primarily made for photos not for documents, but it can scan photos without losing minute details, it has the feature of auto-detecting the edges and takes high-quality pics, It also removes glares and gives you the feel of an actual scanner.

Alternatives For Club Factory

banned chinese apps alternatives club factory

Club Factory is an online shopping platform where you can busy fashionable goods, electronics, and so on at a discount price. The alternatives are Flipkart and Tatacliq these are Indian apps. Flipkart is one of the famous online shopping carts that is gaining rapid significance, it has around 160 million active users around India.

Tatcliq is an Indian e-commerce site in Mumbai, India. Owned by Tata Unistore Limited. A trusted site for making transactions.

Myntra is an Indian based online shopping app with thousands of options when it comes to buying clothes online with updated fashion trends. This online shopping app offers discounts and daily entertainment.

Alternatives For Beauty Plus

banned chinese apps alternatives beauty plus

Beauty Plus is one of the famous Chinese apps which had a vast number of users where 95 million photos are uploaded on Instagram and Facebook. If you are ardent selfie taker then beauty plus would likely be in your list. This app will remove dark spots and enhances your selfies to make them more visually appealing. The app had nearly 3 million downloads.

LightX Photo Editor is an alternative for the beauty plus, it is an Indian app that allows the users to take selfies using filters. 

B612 is a South Korean app is another alternative that provides all the features that are present in beauty plus. It focuses on skin and beauty enhancement as well as a boatload of filters that will satisfy you. 

Alternatives For UC Browser

banned chinese apps alternatives uc browser

For UC Browser, there are 10% of users in the Indian market, this was huge because this app came largely pre-installed in most of the Chinese smartphones.

If you are looking for a broader feature set, Firefox and brave are great alternatives. Brave focuses on privacy and claims that do not track any data at all. The firefox automatically blocks all ad trackers, erases cookies, and passwords the moment you close the app. 

Google Chrome is one of the more popular browsers that can be used instead of UC Browser.

Opera Mini is one of the oldest and most popular web browsers. It provides fast web browsing on slow connections and reducing data connections by compressing web pages and images. It also allows users to download videos with a single tap, it also provides ad blocker, night mode so on.

Alternatives For Kwai 

banned chinese apps alternatives kwai

Kwai is a Chinese video-sharing app. That allows the users to capture the moments, create stories, and share it with the world. Instagram is one of the best alternatives used instead of Kwai, Instagram has 110 million users only around India.

Alternatives For Helo

banned chinese apps alternatives helo

Helo is a social networking platform developed by a Chinese company. The similar app to the helo that is made in India is Share Chat, this app offers the content in 15 different regional languages. This app has 40 million active monthly users and is certainly one of the best banned Chinese apps alternatives.

Alternatives For Clash of kings

banned chinese apps alternatives clash of kings

Clash of Kings is a Chinese mobile online game that supports multiplayer the game was installed by 68 million people around the world. The best alternative for this game is the Clash of Clans that was published by Finland. 

Grow Empire that was found by GameStation, which belongs to UnitedKingdom.

Alternatives For WPS office

banned chinese apps alternatives wps office

WPS Office is a powerful office suite developed by a Chinese company.

The best alternative for this is MS Office which gives a wide range of access to MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Or you can use Google Docs which is a convenient choice to work and save work online.

Alternatives For DU Battery Saver

You do not need an app that is used to boost up your battery performance, clear all the apps that are running in the background. You can clear the cache to boost up your battery and a built-in option of battery saver comes in your phone.


So these were some of the best banned Chinese apps alternatives that you can try. The Chinese apps are not safe and may be a threat to the personal data stored in your smartphones. There are so many better alternative apps for the Chinese apps that are banned. Use the apps and services that are Made In India or from some trusting websites. 

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