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Best Diwali Rangoli Designs to try this Diwali 2020 | Easy Rangoli making products

Namaste India! Today we are going to read about one of the most beautiful parts of Indian culture i.e Rangoli. We know that India is famous for its rich culture that includes many incredible and amazing elements. One such part of this culture is Rangoli.

The term ‘Rangoli’ has been derived from the Sanskrit word “Rangavalli” which means the rows of colors. It is an art form, originated in the Indian continent, and is created on the floor especially at the entrance of houses using materials such as colored powder, colored rice, colored sand, flower petals, etc.

It’s a custom to make Rangoli in front of the houses on auspicious occasions such as Diwali, Onam, Pongal, etc to welcome the God in the guests as Indians believe in “Atithi Devo Bhava”, meaning “Guest is God”. As it’s time to celebrate one of the biggest festivals in India- the celebration of Lights or “Diwali”, let’s know how we can make some amazing Diwali Rangoli Designs.

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs 2020

As I have mentioned above, Rangoli making is an art where different patterns and drawn on the floor and decorated with beautiful colors. But if you are not very good at it, do not lose your heart as I have curated some really good Diwali rangoli designs and tips to make it easy for you to draw them.

Simple yet elegant Diwali rangoli designs

I have tried to include the beautiful  Diwali rangoli designs which are really easy to make. So whether you are a pro or a beginner, you can definitely make them without any problem.

Design – 1(Source: Third Party image reference)

diwali rangoli design

  • You might need to practice this design for few times in advance. So you can try so on paper or cardboard.
  • You can replace the white net design in the leaf part with the plain white colored filling.
  • For the V-shaped design, you can place the pop sticks in a similar shape and then fill the colors
  • You can use any circular object or chalk with a rope placing at the center to draw the arc.
  • You can add more Diyas here to give it a far beautiful look.

Design – 2 (By Deepika Pant)

diwali rangoli design

  • The actual beauty of this design lies in its vibrant colors so try not to compromise with it.
  • To make the droplet shape, pour the drop of color at the place, and using a pointy needle-like object, pull the color inwards.
  • Again, don’t forget to add the Diyas.
  • You can make the spiral shape either by using your fingers or by using the cone.

Design – 3(Source: Arenaflowers.co.in)

diwali rangoli design

  • This design needs minimal colors and effort as well. For this design, make the grids first and then start drawing to maintain the symmetry.
  • If you’re drawing it large, don’t forget to keep Diyas in the middle while you fill the center part. You can lit it with candles later.
  • Instead of colors, you can also use flower petals and leaves to give it a fresh look.
  • You can add beautiful Diyas and candles to this simple yet elegant Diwali rangoli design.

Design – 4 (Source: Menaka’s Rangoli)

diwali rangoli design

  • You can use bangles to draw and fill the circular designs. For smaller circles, drop the color with a cone and press with your thumb.
  • If you find it difficult to make the white-colored design after the colorful leaves, you can simply draw a plain ring of white colored powder.
  • Making the beads around the leaves would be easy with the help of a cone.
  • Drawing larger circles/rings would be easy with the help of chalk and a rope placed in the center.
  • Maintain the color symmetry as well for the flower leaves.

Design – 5 (Source: Happyshappy.com)

diwali rangoli design

  • As you can see, this is the simplest Diwali Rangoli design but with a modern vibe. Draw the square first and make its outline thicker.
  • Now start drawing inner lines. Fill the entire square with a thin layer of yellow powder and then put the rest colors.
  • Don’t forget to highlight the borders with black powder. If you don’t use black color in rangoli, you can go for brown as well.
  • Instead of the colored powder, you can use marigold petals of these colors. That will give a more fresh look and also the fragrance.
  • Don’t forget to add some sparkle powder over it.
  • You can even add the candles or Diyas to the whole square border or at the corners of the square.

So these were few tips to make these Diwali rangoli designs. In the later section, you will find some really important tips for making any rangoli design.

Tips to make Diwali Rangoli Designs for beginners

Here are some simple yet effective tips to help you done with rangoli making.

Collect all the required materials 

First thing first, you would need to collect all of the materials that you are going to use for making Diwali rangoli designs in advance, to avoid any rush later. So the list consists-

  1. Rangoli Design(Obviously :p)
    That you already have now.
  2. White Chalk/Marker
    This is to draw the raw diagram/skeleton of your Diwali rangoli design which will later help you fill the colors with ease.


    1. Filling Materials
      The filling materials consists of the various kind stuff to be used to fill the Diwali rangoli design such as-

        • Different Coloured Rangoli Powder
          It’s the most important part of making Diwali rangoli design. The vibrant colors in the rangoli make it looks so beautiful and lively. You must choose the good quality rangoli powder of different colors.
          Do not forget the white Rangoli Powder so as to draw the outlines of the Diwali rangoli design. You can easily get them online shopping sites such as Amazon.com.
        • Flowers petals and leaves (optional)
          You can choose different flowers for different colors of petals such as Marigold petals(Yellow+Brown), Rose petals, etc. These will make the Diwali rangoli design more lively, fresh, and fragrant.
        • Coloured Rice/Sand(optional)
          If you do not have either rangoli powder or the flower petals, there’s the easiest way to fill your rangoli. It is coloring the rice/flour/sand in whichever color you want. And there you go.
      • Tips for colors
        You can find many color materials at your home as well if you could not arrange the other stuff mentioned above such as you can use turmeric for the yellow color, indigo powder for the blue color, flour for white color, leaves for the green color, and so on.
    2. Different items for decorating Diwali rangoli design
      After completing the designs and filling colors in it, you need to add some decorative items to add some special effects in your Diwali rangoli designs such as candles, Diyas, sparkle powder, etc. You can add more according to your wish and budget.
      Of course, this part is optional but is really important to give a complete look at your rangoli designs.
  1. Props used
    Now while drawing or filling colors, you may not be able to put it in place properly by your hands if you are a beginner or bad at drawing. So here are some smart tips for you to save time as well as draw the perfect designs easily-

    • Bangles/Circular object(of different sizes)
      These props will help you draw a perfectly round shape. As most of the rangoli designs contain circular shapes, this trick will help you a lot. You just need to draw/pour colors alongside their periphery. Similarly, you can take different shapes of objects to draw different designs.
    • Pop Sticks
      Arranging pop sticks in different shapes by joining them for your Diwali Rangoli Designs will also help to draw and fill colors easily and perfectly. After pouring colors, gently remove the sticks from there.
    • Paper Cones/sieve(to pour colors)
      You can use paper/plastic cones to pour drops for your designs or making the color outlines perfectly without ruining the other part of the rangoli. Similarly, the sieve can be used to fill the middle part of the rangoli designs and gives a uniform look.
    • Eraser(Must)
      While we talk about drawing and filling the Diwali rangoli designs, we should always keep in mind that colors won’t perform always according to your plans and there are chances that the colors will spread here and there. To correct these mistakes you must ensure that you have the eraser to clean them up.

Now, that we have arranged almost all the required items, we would look over the next important factor for making Diwali rangoli designs i.e finding the perfect place. Let us have a look.

Find the perfect place

Usually, it’s the entrance of the houses but we need to keep some points in mind and make sure that-

  • there should enough place to draw a particular design
  • the rangoli should not disturb the walkway
  • there should not be any explosive materials or something that can catch fire around as the candles and Diyas would be there.

Now that you have found the perfect place for making your rangoli, you don’t have to wait for anything else and it’s time that you start making your rangoli. So our next section consists of steps to make your rangoli with a beautiful Diwali rangoli design.

Start drawing your Rangoli

Let’s go step by step to make sure that in the end, you get a beautiful rangoli in your home.

  1. Draw the structure
    As I have mentioned above, you can use either chalk, crayons, or marker to draw the structure of your Diwali rangoli design. Keep it in mind that you draw it with a gentle hand so that it doesn’t leave impressions if something goes wrong. When you are sure that the design is fine, darken it with chalk.
    It is suggested to practice the design in advance for few times either on paper or on the floor itself to make sure that you are able to draw the design effortlessly.
  2. Fill the rangoli 
    Start filling the rangoli with different colors or whatever you have arranged with the help of the sieve so that it gives a uniform look. Again keep it in mind that you start filling from the center and then go towards the outer area.  Don’t forget to keep your Diwali rangoli design with you so that you don’t miss the colors/design.
  3. Give Outline to your design
    When you complete filling the designs with colors, you need to draw the borders with white colored powder(can be any other, of your choice). This will pop up your Diwali rangoli design so much that you can see the difference clearly. If your design is somewhat larger, you can go ahead with drawing lines along with filling colors in your rangoli together.
  4. Decorate your rangoli
    You can see your rangoli is almost complete now and it’s time that you give it a final touch by adding the decorative materials you have arranged for it. So sprinkle the sparkle powder all over the rangoli in the shape. Put candles and Diyas to make it look more beautiful.

And that’s it. Your rangoli is ready. Show this to your family & friends and enjoy your Diwali.

You can find such interesting articles here at BharatGlobal.in. See you in the next article. Have a safe and prosperous Diwali!