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New Update from Google: Kormo Jobs- Building CVs, Finding jobs and Growing career

Hello Friends! Welcome back to our blog. Today we have brought to you a new update from Google i.e. Kormo Jobs. We will discuss everything like what is Kormo Jobs, its key features, and how it would help us.

What is Kormo Jobs?

Kormo Jobs is an app, launched by Google for recruiting people. This app is a whole sum platform where verified employers post their job offers and at the same time, the job-seekers post their CV mentioning their skills, qualifications, and interest, and then comes the main function of this app that is matching the job-seekers to the most relevant jobs.

Currently, Kormo Jobs is available for use in 3 countries- India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh and you can find it on Google Play Store. For Indian users, it can also be found at Google Pay >> “Jobs Spot” section. There’s much more in this app. Let’s explore and see what are the key features of this app and how it would benefit people.

Key Features Of Kormo Jobs

In this section, we are mentioning what all we can do with this app. Let’s have a look over it.

Google Verified Jobs

google kormo jobs verified

All the employers on this app are verified by Google and are authentic and hence we don’t need to worry about it and rest assured that the jobs offered here are not fake. This app partner with both large corporations as well as small enterprises for business.

While the recruiters get a better marketplace to find suitable candidates for their work, the job seekers also get a job of their choice based on their qualifications, skills, and interest without the need for any personal network or recommendation.

Offer Learning opportunities through videos, articles, and certain certification courses

google kormo jobs certifications

Not only job finding, but the app also provides a means to improve user’s skills and personal development created specially by the professionals. It provides video tutorials to prepare for the interviews for the jobs, and various articles to work on their personal development.

Apart from these tutorials, you will also get some certification courses on the app to improve skills of your interest and the plus point is that you can add them on your CV to apply for the jobs listed on the app. They are considered valid for those job offers.

Allows Creating Digital CVs

google kormo jobs digital CV

The key point or the sole purpose of this job-finding app revolves around the user’s CV only. This app allows users to create a digital  CV in the app itself which can be printed, shared, and used to directly apply for the jobs listed on the app.

This CV includes the user’s details such as skills, qualifications, area of interest along with the certification courses completed on the app as well that adds an additional value to apply for the jobs. The CV creation doesn’t cost anything.

Offers 24/7 Service

google kormo jobs 24X7

Kormo Jobs is available 24/7 for users to use. Hence users have full access to the app for the whole day and they do not need to be confined in fixed time duration. The services not only include the job matching but also the processes involved after the joining. That means users can track the progress of their work from the app itself.

It takes care of onboarding and other processes in a super smooth way that anyone can easily understand.

Available Free To Use

google kormo jobs free to use

To your surprise, Kormo Jobs with all these features comes free to use. Yes! you heard it right. You do not have to pay a single rupee to use the app and get the job. What can be better than this?

All you need is just install the app from Google Play Store, create your profile by feeding all the details there, get verified, and start using the app.


Google brings an app to match the job seeking people with the verified employers named Kormo Jobs. Currently, this app is available for use in 3 countries- India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh and you can find it on Google Play Store. For Indian users, it can also be found at Google Pay >> “Jobs Spot” section. It provides so many amazing features all for free. Some of the key features that the app includes are-

  1. Google Verified Jobs
    Provides Jobs that are authentic and are verified by Google itself.
  2. Offer Learning opportunities through videos, articles, and certain certification courses
    Provides various means of learning and improving skills such as video tutorials, articles, and certain certification courses created specially by professionals.
  3. Allows Creating Digital CVs
    The key point of all the process here of job finding revolves around the CVs of the users. The CVs include the complete details of the candidates from the personal details to the qualifications, skills, and area of interest. Based on these details only Google recommends users the most relevant job profiles to them.
  4. Offers 24/7 Service
    The services on this app are available for the users 24/7 and work very smoothly. Profile creation to a job posting, getting relevant jobs offers all takes only a few minutes of time to reflect.
  5. Available Free To Use
    With all these features, the app costs nothing and makes you available with just a smartphone and an active internet connection in it.

So are you excited to use this app? Or to know more about its features? You can check my detailed article about Kormo Jobs at Socialmirror. Hope you enjoyed reading about this beautiful gift from Google. To read more such interesting articles, continuing exploring

Take care. See you soon! 🙂