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Do you know about the new Google People Card Feature?

With the advancements in the modern world, Google tends to bring new features and applications on the internet regularly, and the most recent addition to this list the Google People Card.

What is Google People Card? and how it’s gonna help us? Are the Questions that we will answer here. This feature enables you to add yourself to the search.

“Google People Cards” is the latest feature that Google India released on 11th August 2020. If you search for any famous personality on google it will be easy to find them and we can collect the basic information about them, but when we need to know someone who is not famous, it is not an easy task as some will have the same name and many other complications. What if you want to search your name. Hence Google provides a solution for this by this new feature Google people card.

This feature enables the users to create virtual Cards for themselves so that if anyone searches for them in google it will show their profile and details. These cards are for business influencers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and also for one who is willing to expand their likelihood

Google People Card can be created by anyone interested to expand their prospects. Google allows one card per account, it will be easy for others to search for you if you provide more information about yourself. Almost all measures have been taken to protect your data from being misused by unknown users. So you need not worry about your personal information. In case of any fraudulent content, you can report and provide feedback on it.

In case you no longer need one then you can also delete it at any time. In case if you find any spam or abusive content posted on the card, you can tap on the feedback link and let them know it.

If you are trying to find a person then these google cards will make it quick and easy to access their information, it acts as a virtual card and provides basic details like name, location, profession. If people share the same name then you can differ them based on other information provided.

As of now, this google people card is limited to India, this feature rolled out last Tuesday. They can maintain public profiles using their mobile devices but are limited to only the English language. It is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Working Principle

google people card principle

The Google people card uses Knowledge graphs to display the information shared by users. These knowledge graphs are similar to other graphs. The search engine enhances the results by collecting related information from different sources.

Creating Google People Card

google people card howto

  • Sign in to the Google Account and simply search for your name
  • It will show you a new option to “add me to search” or “get started”
  • If not type “add me to search” this option enables you to add your profile
  • Enter your mobile number for authentication
  • You will receive an OTP, a 6 digit number for the registered mobile number
  • Once it is done, you can fill in the basic details of your’s
  • Tap to open it and fill the form with your data such as bio etc.
  • In the next step add your profile image, description, and social media details that you wanna share with others. It is up to us what more we can add to our people’s card.
  • If you need can add your mail ID and phone number to reach you. 
  • Tap on save option to store it
  • Finally, you can look for your name to google where it would display the information that has been shared by you a few moments ago.

Is Google people card feature helpful

This google card is very much useful to the people, it has many benefits besides they are listed below

  • People can expand their identity and develop their online presence for the world to discover them.
  • The public profile created through people cards will be displayed on top of results in a search engine.
  • The users can highlight their social media profiles, and promote their websites, business, or public profile.
  • It provides the virtual business card experience on google search engines for Individuals.

How can you be benefited?

The people benefited through these cards being discovered easily or searched easily such as Individuals, freelancers, employees, influencers, self-employed, businesses, entrepreneurs, and others.

Is this feature reliable enough

Google enables only one card per account helps to control the fake public profiles. Google has put certain controls and safety features to maintain the quality of information shared by people. This is going to be helpful and reliable in case any flaws or impersonating in the data can be reported and that card can be deleted based on the information that they have provided by Google. Only the owner of the card can delete his card.

Google’s vision on virtual card

google people card vision

Google has put several protections and controls to provide quality information available on virtual cards. Apart from the phone number provided on the card would need to be authenticated. It uses some mechanisms to protect the user’s abusive content or spam.

If you are searching for someone then you can search for the module and can be tapped to view the person’s virtual card. In the case of multiple users, multiple modules are available which allows the users to distinguish them from others and find the one they need.

Google People Card will increase the visibility of the personal brand like a list of links and information about the individual available to potential customers, clients, and employers. Individuals claimed to add their details such as occupation, employer, profile, avatar, website, applications, and phone number so on. 


This is one of the best feature provided by the google which let you be identified by the outside world. This is very much helpful for the freelancers, influencers, entrepreneurs to expand their identity and become an influencer in social media. It a good feature, check it out and create one for self. 

This will prove to be the new way to find and get found with the correct people over the Internet.

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