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7 Best High Protein Vegetarian Food in India that Boosts your Immunity

Hello Folks, today I will discuss some high protein vegetarian food that is easy to make at home or purchase from the local market. But before listing some high protein vegetarian food, do you know what protein exactly is? Don’t worry if you do not know and if you know then it is well and good. So let’s start with an intro of what a protein is?

Protein is a kind of nutrient that helps to maintain the tissue in the human body in order to grow muscular weight. According to science, it is a chemical mixture of the amino acids that are crucial for every individual. Generally, there are various foods that are vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian that usually, people eat nowadays to gain protein.

People who are physically active or workout daily have an extra diet of protein. In order to get a muscular or fit body, protein helps to build muscular tissue. Many protein powders have been seen in the past few years which are mostly used by people who have a particular schedule for workout.

Protein is considered as an important nutrient that should intake every human being in this hectic life. Some people are unable to afford to get high rich protein food or any protein powder regularly. Many people ignore the common vegetables or foods which give us enough protein rather than any powder.

Here, we are going to discuss some cheap and high protein vegetarian food which you can get easily anywhere near your markets.

High Protein Vegetarian Food List:

Kidney Beans (Rajma or Rāzmā)

high protein vegetarian food rajma

Kidney Beans which is also known as Rajma is one of the common foods that is served in almost every house of India. It is popular in the northern part of India as a dish of Rajma-Chawal or Rajma-Rice. These beans contain a certain amount of protein which is enough for a regular diet and make it a perfect high protein vegetarian food. Normally in India, we put too much oil for the taste which can ruin your healthy diet. As for oil, you can use olive oil which has a low-fat percentage.

Kidney Beans have 24 g of protein in 100g quantity which can easily add up to your fitness diet and it can be found in almost every Rashan Store. These kidney beans also have many nutrients like vitamins, fibers, and various minerals which makes them good food to eat for a healthy lifestyle.

Chickpeas (Chana)

high protein vegetarian food chole chickpeas

Chickpeas which is popular as Chana in India is a rich source of protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins that are very beneficial for health and it also helps to make your stamina stronger and long-lasting if you like to run. Chickpeas also help to maintain your weight loss plan and keep away many diseases.

As a protein, it gives you 7.9g of protein in 100g which can be considered as a good way to consume protein and can be added to your vegetarian diet which gives it a title of high protein Indian food. So if you want to make a protein diet plan, make sure to add this nutrient.

According to some studies, chickpeas have many different varieties that can be found with several names like Bengal Gram, Garbanzo Beans, etc. But in India, most people know about it as Chole or Chana that you can find easily in the market.

Yogurt (Dahi)

high protein vegetarian food yogurt dahi

Yogurt is one of the typical breakfasts that is being eaten by Indians mostly with cooked vegetables or with bread(paratha). It is made from milk which has so many nutritional benefits. Yogurt carries 10g of protein with very low fat in 100 g which prevents many heart diseases and is very useful for weight loss.

This food can be made in the house easily, you don’t have to look for this thing in the store unless you are busy. Many experts would suggest that homemade yogurt is better than a packed one because it is fresh and healthy as compared to the stored one, making it the best high protein vegetarian food.

Rather than protein, yogurt has many other nutrients like vitamin B6, Calcium, and Iron which makes your muscle stronger. So this is the best source of protein that can be made at home and super efficient for your diet.

Pulses/Lentils (Dal)

high protein vegetarian food lentil pulses dal

This particular food is mostly consumed by people of the north-west in India which is named Dal and has many categories like Moong, Urad, Masoor and Toor Dal, etc.

Moong dal is considered as one of the richest sources of protein as compared to the other pulses making it a good high protein Indian food. It has about 24 g of protein in 100 g and has other nutrients like Vitamin B1, Fiber, Amino Acids, Iron, and very low cholesterol that keeps your heart healthy.

Pulses are also known for their anti-aging properties and give you radiating and glowing skin. Studies show that pulses help to control low sugar levels and give you enough protein as compared to the egg. Those who are looking for a vegan diet for protein, they should definitely add pulses in their diet plan.

With a certain amount of minerals and many other nutrients like vitamins, pulses provide you with enough nutrients which can be received with a vegetarian diet rather than non-veg. So this is the 4th best food that can be written down on your diet list.

Bulgur (Dalia)

high protein vegetarian food bulgur dalia

Bulgur is one of the finest protein-based food which is made in India. Many people get confused between Bulgur and Oats because it is a great porridge much like oatmeal but it is made from broken wheat which reduces heart diseases. On the other hand, Oatmeal is made up of grains which is also an excellent source of protein. They have 2.4g of protein in 100g but on the other hand, Bulgur contains 12 g of protein which is suitable for your diet.

In India, it is named Dalia that has been cooking for decades. Taling about other nutrients, you can find vitamin B6, magnesium, and iron, it is also high in carbs with 100g of serving it has 24.3 g of carbohydrates. If you want to replace Bulgur with Oats, it is acceptable as long as you get protein in your diet.

Bulgur as a whole is easy to digest and packed with many nutrients like vitamins, fiber, and minerals. It is a better choice if you want a great breakfast filled with protein and many other nutrients.

Milk (Doodh)

high protein vegetarian food milk doodh

Milk is one of the best nutrient liquid packed with vitamins, calcium which make your muscles stronger and harder. A glass of milk contains 146 calories with 8g of protein which gives enough energy for any physical activity.

But some studies also show that drinking too much milk can cause fractures but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t drink. Milk helps you maintain your body growth and develop muscles in your body, making it a high protein vegetarian food drink.

Some studies stated that drinking cow’s milk may cause several problems like cramps, diarrhea, and gas, etc. due to lactose intolerance. But we shouldn’t ignore the fact it has many nutrients rather than eating junk foods.

Cottage Cheese (Paneer)

high protein vegetarian food cottage cheese paneer

Paneer is also one of the high protein vegetarian food but it has the same amount of fat as protein but eating once in a while or weekends doesn’t make you fat. In 100g of paneer, you will find 8g of protein as well as fat. But it has other important nutrients like minerals and calcium which make it good to eat. Many experts would not suggest adding this particular item in your diet if your goal is weight loss.

So, here in this article, we discussed high protein vegetarian food that is available in India. Let’s just summarize once what we covered. Here is a small list of 7 High Protein Vegetarian Food:

  • Kidney Beans (Rajma)
  • Chickpeas (Chana)
  • Yogurt (Dahi)
  • Pulses/Lentils (Dal)
  • Bulgur (Dalia)
  • Milk (Doodh)
  • Cottage Cheese (Paneer)

So talking about high protein Indian food, that’s it for today guys. India is a beautiful country. Go out and travel to the Beautiful Destinations of India. But most of all, stay fit and eat healthily.

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