I stood there for a while poetry poem

I stood there for a while

There was a joy in my heart and my face had a smile
I was waiting for her so I stood there for a while.

I was thinking will she be impressed
From the way, I was dressed.

Suddenly a hand waved at me and she said, “Hi!”
I don’t know why I felt so shy.

She came near and stood next to me
I can’t even explain how beautiful was she.

We sat in the cafe and ordered some food
That was the time when I had the best mood.

We started to talk and were laughing out  so loud
I was only looking at her not thinking about the crowd.

I wanted to tell her the way I feel
But for me telling her was a very big deal.

Now I think that I should have told her
That day I should have been much bolder.

Because that was the day I really felt like torn apart
As she told me that she had someone else in her heart.

I wasn’t able to speak, I was sad
But I didn’t tell her about my feeling as I didn’t want her to be mad.

Somehow I lift my self and showed her I was happy outside
But only I know how much I was crying inside.

We talked for some time until there was nothing else to tell
Then she was ready to go away and bid me farewell.

There was a deep pain in my heart but for her, my face still had a smile
I watched her going far away and stood there for a while.