indian brands thjat you never thought they were indian

Top 10 Indian Brands that you never thought they were Indian

Welcome to BharatGlobal and today this blog is about the Indian Brands which you might not be knowing if they are Indian or not. Nowadays most people go for the brand value rather than the product value and it is actually not wrong because these brands have done very well in the past which helped them gaining such a name and popularity. So choosing a brand directly means you are choosing a high-quality product.

But many times in India people tend to buy foreign brands rather than Indian Brands due to their fancy names and international market. Also, many people like to showcase their status with the brands. But due to this, even after having high-quality products, Indian Brands lose their customers. So to overcome this problem many Indian Brands came up with a solution.

The solution was simply choosing a name that sounds more fancy and international. This idea is actually helpful and people are attracted to Indian Brands as they may think these brands are from some other big countries due to their names and also the quality of the products is very superior.

Today, we will talk about such high-status brands which may sound very foreigner but are actually Indian. This list will include a variety of brands from clothing to liquor brands. And I am sure many of you will be surprised to know about these brands like I was when I was preparing my list. So, let’s start with the list, and here is our first product.

Top 10 Indian Brands that people think of them as Foreign:



While starting the list of Indian Brands, the first name which came up is Havells. Many of us know about Havells and use its product in our homes or daily life. Havells is a big brand that produces a variety of products but is famous for its electrical appliances. Havells got this name from its first owner Haveli Ram Gandhi which was later bought by Qimat Rai Gupta in the year 1971.

After buying Havells Brand he started his first manufacturing plant at Tilak Nagar, New Delhi. Initially, they were producing Rewire-able and changeover switches. Later the company started to grow and started to produce a variety of electrical appliances. Later to raise funds, the company listed itself in the stock exchange in the year 1993.

Today, this company has bought many other brands which are Havells U.K ltd. , Lloyd, Crabtree, and Standard. Starting from New Delhi this is purely one of the Indian Brands.

Amrut Single Malt

amrut malt

Talking about Indian Brands we can also talk about Indian Liquor Brands. We may know about Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker, or Bacardi but there is also a name among them which is Amrut Single Malt. Amrut Single Malt was launched in the year 2004 by Neelkanta Rao Jagdale and his son Rakshit Jagdale.

It is produced from barley grown in the foothills of Himalayas then aged and distilled in Karnataka. In the year 2009, this Indian Brand got its big break and awarded Best Natural Cask Whiskey in Daily Drams and later listed as World’s Third Best Whisky in Whisky Bible by Jim Murray (Whiskey Guru). This Indian Brand is sold worldwide and in India, it is being sold in Karnataka, Kerala, Puducherry, Maharashtra, Goa, Chandigarh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and obviously New Delhi.

If you like Whiskey then you must try this Indian Brand which has gained so much popularity worldwide.

Da Milano

indian brands da milano

When we talk about brands first thing that come to our mind is branded clothes and leather jackets are very famous among youngsters. Da Malino’s may sound Italian but is actually one of the Indian Brands that produces leather accessories. This brand gain it’s fame after 2000 when Sahil Malik joined the company brought in new designs that were Indian as well as International but the brand was started in Delhi in the year 1989 by Sahil Malik’s father.

This brand is famous for producing mid-range leather products that are sold across India and are very famous in Dubai, Nepal, and European countries. They are also famous for their leather footwear market and increasing their range of designs continuously. If you like leather accessories then Da Milano’s is a good option for you as it provides a great variety of products and they introduce about 300 designs every season.

Brands like Rosso Brunello famous for footwear and Wooba famous for affordable leather accessories are also subsidiaries of Da Milano’s.

Monte Carlo

indian brands monte carlo

Monte Carlo is one of the Indian Brands named Monte Carlo Fashion Limited company. It was started by Oswal Woolen Mills Ltd. in the year 1984 which is owned by Nahar Group based in Ludhiana, Punjab. It was launched to set a new revolution of a clothing brand in India. Monte Carlo produces woolen garments as well as cotton garments ranging from T-Shirts, Shirts, Trousers, Sportswear, and many more.

This is the brand that has done very well in the past and earned itself a well-known name. It is a trusted brand and was awarded as No. 1 brand in men’s wear in 2009 by Images-ORG-MARG. Later in the year 2014, it was considered as Asia’s Best Marketing Brands by none other than World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC).

Flying Machine

indian brands flying machine

Flying Machine is India’s first homegrown denim brand. It was launched in the year 1980 by Arvind Mills to produce a range of denim in India itself. They make denim products for Men, Women, Boys and also have a range of unisex adults’ denim. They are mostly famous for their Jeans but also produce T-shirts, Shirts, Jackets, Sweatshirts, Blazers, Shorts and other accessories.

It is an affordable brand that is liked by many youngsters who like a variety of products and designs to be in their collection. You can also try their range of footwear which is still yet growing.

Peter England

indian brands peter england

Peter England was launched in 1889, Londonderry, Ireland. The sole purpose of this company was to produce good quality Khaki trousers for British soldiers during the Boer War. So, it is a company based in Ireland then how come it is in the list of Indian Brands? Well in the year 1997 this brand was launched in India as mid-price menswear by Madura Fashion and Lifestyle owned by Aditya Birla Group.

Later in the year 2000, Aditya Birla Group bought the world rights for the brand and turn it into an Indian owned company. Thus, it is nearly right to say that now it is one of the Indian Brands. This is one of the biggest menswear brands in India. Apart from formal and casual menswear segments Peter England also provides a collection in denim, linen, festive wear, indies kurtas, and other accessories.

La Opala

indian brands la opala

La Opala apart from the trendy name “La Opala”, is actually an Indian Brand that was launched on 11th June 1987 in Calcutta (now Kolkata) as La Opala Glass Private Ltd. Later the company was converted into a public limited company with a new name La Opala Glass Limited. This company is famous for producing glass goods mainly crockery and they use high-quality opal glass which is very difficult to produce.

Their products are very famous among Indian households and considered very fancy and classy. The brand was owned by the Jhujhunwala family and was being promoted by Mr. Sushil Jhujhunwala and his son Ajit Jhunjhunwala. You can easily buy their crockery online and is available on shopping sites like Flipkart and Amazon.

If you like to buy crockery for your house then La Opala is a good Brand choice as it looks very classic as well as fancy and gives your kitchen a very pleasant look.


indian brands lakme

When we talk about cosmetics Lakme comes on top in the list. It was launched in 1952 by Tata Oil Mills to start India’s first homegrown cosmetic brand as Indian women were spending a big amount on foreign cosmetics. Soon it became very popular in India. It was named after French Opera Lakme which is a French form of Goddess Lakshmi.

Later in the year 1996, Tata sold Lakme to Hindustan Unilever Ltd. a subsidiary of Unilever an Israeli company. Now, Lakme is India’s No. 1 cosmetic brand and organizes India’s biggest fashion event known as Lakme’s Fashion Week. It is well known for its cosmetic products which are well suited for the different range of skin tones of Indian women.

Cafe Coffee Day

indian brands cafe coffee day

Cafe Coffee Day, also known as CCD is an Indian Brand famous for its beverages. The first outlet of CCD was set up on 11th July 1996 by V.G. Siddhartha as  CCD headquarter in Bangalore, Karnataka. CCD is a subsidiary of Coffee Day Global which is famous for growing its own coffee beans in its estates which are of about 20000 acres and are also the largest producer of arabica beans in Asia.

CCD is famous for its beverages but also provides other products like pastries, burgers, etc. By 2019 CCD had more than 1700 outlets in India with other countries like Austria, Czech Republic, Egypt, and Nepal. This Indian brand provides one of the favorite locations of youngsters to hang out with friends.


indian brands titan

Titan a famous brand in the market of wristwatches and now in eyewear is an Indian Brand which was started on 26th July 1984 by Tata Group. It was started as a Wrist Watchmaker and was called Titan Watches Limited. The Titan plant was set up in Tamil Nadu which was producing quartz analog electronic watches.

In the year 1993, the company changed its name to Titan Industries Ltd. as it started to produce a new range of products other than watches. In the year 1994 Titan launched its jewelry brand which is well known Tanishq. Later Titan also launched other brands like Fastrack to attract younger customers and Dash for kids. Titan later bought Swiss watchmaker Favre Leuba and entered the European market and also launched a line of fragrances by brand name Skinn.

After launching all these products Titan again changed its name to Titan Company Ltd. in the year 2013. Titan still is growing its market and sell it’s product overseas. It is for sure if you wear wristwatches, at least for once you must have bought one of the Titan products which may be Fastrack, Dash, or even Titan itself.


These are some famous Indian Brands that are actually Indian but most of the time people take them as foreign brands which is normal as they have trendy names and high product quality. There are still other Indian Brands that I was not able to include in the list. But still, you may wonder that these brands got names that sound like they are from other countries but are actually Indian Brands. It is also clear that many Brands that sound Indian are actually from other countries.

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