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10 Best Indian Dog Breeds You May Have Never Heard About

Welcome to my blog, today we will talk about 10 Indian Dog Breeds that you may have never heard about. Most of the people like dogs to be a part of their family like me and we people actually tend towards good looking and fancy foreign breeds and many of us have seen these breeds are not good with their surroundings and fall sick occasionally.

It is obvious as they are not the native breeds and are not meant for these surroundings. Here come our own Indian dog breeds which are meant to live in these surroundings. But before starting about these breeds let me tell you about the history of Indian dog breeds.

In historical times Indian dog breeds were actually famous for their hunting capabilities and had a huge demand worldwide in countries like EGYPT, PERSIA, etc. They were considered as strong, fast, adaptable to surroundings, and easy to train. Many Indian kings were using these dogs for hunting and even as guard dogs.

But when the Britishers came to India many of them brought their native dog breeds with them. This is where the history of the Indian dog breeds actually started to turn into history only. Indian Kings were quickly attracted to these new foreign breeds and this resulted in crossbreeding of these breed with Indian dog breeds and so the purity of our own breeds was lost.

Indian kings were not bothered out this lost but still, some British officials who had good knowledge about dogs actually came forward to these dog breeds as they knew about their capabilities.

They were actually fond of their hunting skills most of the ones in the Himalayas or northern mountain areas. Due to this crossbreeding near about 25 Indian dog breeds are now left and 10 of them are mentioned in this post.

List of 10 Indian Dog Breeds

Pariah Dog

indian dog breeds Pariah Dog

If we are talking about Indian Dog Breeds then one thing always comes in our mind “Street Dogs”. Street dogs are actually abandoned dogs who have found a way to live on the streets and it means that there can be any breed on the streets. That is actually true but foreign dogs are not meant to survive naturally in our climates so the majority of the streets we see are actually Pariah Dog.

Its an Indian dog breed meant to survive in the tropical hot climate of India. They may not look attractive but this is actually nature’s way to make them adaptable to our climate. Due to the hot climate, they don’t have long fur.

They are actually very resistant to diseases that spread due to climate change which makes it easier to raise them and they are easy to train so they are often used as guard dogs. The males are 15-35 kg in weight and 20-25 inches in height whereas females are 15-25 kg in weight and 18-23 inches in height.

Gaddi Kutta/Indian Leopard Hound 

indian dog breeds gaddi kutta

Now coming to the mountain dog breeds one breed we can talk about is Gaddi Kutta or Indian Leopard Hound. Gaddi names come from Himachali shepherd tribes who are called Gaddi and known for herding sheep and goat and Kutta is obviously from Hindi meaning of dog. Gaddi Kutta or Indian Leopard Hound were actually trained to protect livestock from snow leopard attacks.

They are actually ancestors of Tibetan Mastiff and in appearance, they resemble a lot like having long fur, large body but when we talk about nature Gaddi Kutta is actually very calm, gentle, friendly, intelligent, alert, loyal and protective of their families.

As I am also a Himachali I often have encounters with them and they are actually very nice, playful unless and until you don’t go messing with their livestock without their master’s permission. The male weighs from 45-80 kg and height is 28-34 inches whereas female weighs 35-60 kg and measure 26-32 inches in height.

Himalayan Mastiff/Indigenous Mastiff 

indian dog breeds himalayan mastiff

Himalayan Mastiff is also known as Himalayan Guard Dog. It is one of the biggest in Indian Dog Breeds and mainly found in the Laddakh region of Himalayas and used for guarding flocks. They have long, dry, and double-coated fur resembling Tibetan Mastiff which protects them from the cold and harsh climate of the Himalayan region.

They are very courageous dogs and protect their families at all costs. They are very strong and it is said that a fully grown Himalayan Mastiff can take down two wolves at the same time which actually requires lots of strength.

But if we talk about their nature then they are calm, friendly, loyal and like to stay close to their owners. They weigh from 60 to 90 kg and 28-38 inches in height.

Bakharwal Mastiff/Kashmir Sheepdog

indian dog breeds Bakharwal Mastiff

Bakharwal Mastiff is mainly found in the Pir Panjal mountain range of Kashmir. It’s name Bakharwal is derived from the word Bakri which means goat. They were originally bred by the North Indian nomadic tribe called Gujjars.

They were used to protect livestock like sheep, goat, and buffalo from wild animals like wolves. That is why it is also known as Kashmir Sheepdog as they are found in Kashmir and protect sheep.

They are deep-chested, agile, muscular, have broad shoulders, long legs, and thick fur. These features make it perfect for such regions. By nature, they are loyal, protective, courageous, serious, rugged, and ferocious. Their height is 24-30 inches and weighs around 38-58 kg.

Combai/Indian Terrier

indian dog breeds combai

The Combai is an Indian dog breed found in western ghats of South India. They are also known as Indian Terrier. They have a medium-sized body with a muscular touch. They have powerful jaws and were used to guard houses, cattle, and also took part in hunting. They are short-haired with tan or red-brown shade with a black muzzle.

Often a small amount of black color can be seen on its feet and ears along with white patches on its chest. They are intelligent, confident, calm, alert, and eager to please their master.

They do well in closed apartments or small lawns if they get sufficient exercise. Healthwise they are very good and rarely show any kind of illness. They weigh around 30-35 kg and measures up to 23-26 inches in height.


indian dog breeds kanni

Kanni is also a South Indian dog breed coming from Tamil Nadu. They are mostly bred in villages of the Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi districts. It is also known as Maiden’s Beast-master. These dogs are classified in the sighthound category which means during hunting instead of using their smelling power they rely on their sight.

They track their prey using visual interactions instead of looking for the scent. They are actually shy, extremely loyal, and can be very protective of their family if needed. They are easy to train but due to their free nature sometimes they may like to run free and enjoy the freedom.

They are very fast and measure from 23-25 inches in height (for males, females are a little shorter than males). They weigh around 16-22 Kg and look very slim.

Rampur Greyhound 

indian dog breeds Rampur Greyhound 

The Rampur Greyhound same like Kanni is also a sighthound but it is found in Northern India, areas lying between Delhi and Bareilly. Its name comes from the fact that these breeds were bred in Rampur by the King of Rampur himself to produce a new lineage of Greyhounds who were able to adjust in Indian climate like other Indian dog breeds.

They are very fast but if you keep them in closed apartments they can adjust very well without creating any problem like other Greyhounds. They are loyal to their owners, intelligent but little shy and avoid meeting strangers.

They rarely show any health issues so it reduces the need to visit the vet. They are thin and weigh around 27-30 kg and measure from 24-30 inches in height.

Indian Mastiff/Bully Kutta

indian dog breeds indian mastiff

The famous dog breed Bully is having its own Indian version known as Indian Mastiff, Alangu Mastiff, or Bully Kutta. They are working dogs used for hunting and guarding. Their origin is from the 16th century either from the Sind region of Medieval India or the Thanjavur and Tiruchi districts of Madras.

Due to their so old origin, they can also be seen in wall inscriptions of Darasuram Mandir in Thanjavur district. It is also said that Mughal emperor Akbar used this dog in hunting. Even though having origin from Madras they are more popular in Punjab and Haryana due to their heavy body and strength. They are considered a symbol of power.

They are intelligent, alert, responsive, energetic, and aggressive which is common for a hunting and guard dog. They need ample exercise to use their energy or else they can easily lose control. They weigh around 70-89 kg (male) 60-70 kg (female) and have a height of 31-35 inches (males) 29-32 inches (females).

Gull Terrier/Gull Terr

indian dog breeds gull terrier

After Bully dog breed India also has its own version of Bull Terrier which is known as Gull Terrier or Gull Terr. They were bred back in British Indian days from Bull Terrier by crossbreeding with some other Indian dog breeds to produce a breed of dogs that actually have abilities like Bull Terrier but also able to survive easily in Indian climate.

As a result, Gull Terrier came into existence which has abilities like Bull Terrier but was able to survive in India. Punjab was the region where Gull Terr was originated and most of that area went into Pakistan after partition so it is also called Indo-Pakistani Bull Terrier. They are very energetic, aggressive, fast, agile, strong, and protective in nature so they are considered good guard as well as hunting dogs.

They are very quick learners so training them is easy. They weigh from 25-29 kg (males) 20-25 kg (females) and measure 18-22 inches (males) 18-22 inches (females) in height.

Indian Spitz 

indian dog breeds Indian Spitz 

After talking about all big and large hunting dogs now let’s talk about small Indian Dog Breeds and one of them is Indian Spitz. Indian Spitz is a cousin of the famous dog breed Pomeranian. They come under the category of Utility Dogs which means they are meant to be useful in daily life but not good for sports, hunting, etc.

They are flexible to all kinds of living conditions in India varying from small apartments to large farmhouses. By nature, they are very intelligent, kind, playful, active, athletic, and vocal (loud) which makes them good for first-time dog owners.

They can be found with color shades such as white, brown, and black. They come in two sizes larger are 14-17 in height and 12-20 kg in size and smaller are 8-10 inches in height and 5-7 kg in weight.

Some Other Indian Dog Breeds

  • ChippiparaiRajapalayam
  • Gull Dong
  • Jonangi
  • Kaikadi
  • Kumaon Mastiff
  • Mahratta Greyhound
  • Mudhol Hound
  • Pandikona
  • Vanjari Hound
  • Vikhan Sheepdog

Wrapping Up

At last, I can say that Indian Dog Breeds are actually much more than what we think of them. They can be a guard dog, a hunting dog, and a family dog. They are good at sports and very adaptable to their surroundings. They show very few medical problems as they are suitable for the Indian way of living and climatic conditions.

But due to our own ignorance, we are losing these breeds and turning towards foreign breeds which are harder to keep as they easily fall sick and result in extra money. So it is advisable to look for an Indian dog breeds if you are looking for a new dog.

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